Bad Boy MMA Handwraps (3 Pack)Hand Wraps and Accessories

Don’t settle for any ordinary handwraps, get the Bad Boy MMA Handwraps.

The Bad Boy MMA Handwraps measure 108 inches rather than the standard 180″ wraps that you can usually get in WalMart or Dick’s Sporting Goods, making them the perfect length to be worn under MMA gloves. Made with machine-washable 100% durable cotton-weave, it meets both professional and amateur MMA requirements.

The Bad Boy MMA Handwraps come in a 3 pack so you’re basically paying $5 per pair, which will turn out cheaper in the long run and will give you enough pairs to be use for your rigorous training schedule.

The Bad Boy MMA Handwraps are available at MMA Warehouse.
PURCHASE: Bad Boy MMA Handwraps
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