Everlast Protex3 Training Gloves on ClearanceGloves

The Everlast Protex3 Training Gloves are considered to be the best training gloves for both MMA and boxing alike. Well, the best just got better seeing as it’s on clearance.

Made from the highest quality cowhide leather, featuring the Protex3 wrist Stabilization Technology System for superior tri-collar support panel wrist protection and comfort. Along with the C4 foam technology that maximizes your grip and punching power while providing increased cushioning and support. The EverDry liner with anti-microbial keeps your hands dry, comfortable and odor free working hand in hand with the EverCool strategic air-flow to help regulate hand temperature, this glove also has an improved curved anatomical grip & fit. The advanced technology design keeps thumb in correct position and protects against injury.

Available in lace-up or hook and loop.

Comes in 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz and 20oz variations.

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