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Check out one of Like 2 Fight’s new shirts, the Like 2 Fight Supremacy T-Shirt!

Product Description

100% Cotton, the highest quality T Shirt as you have come to expect from the Like 2 Fight brand.

This T Shirt from the ‘Supremacy’ range is great for either training or wearing with jeans (as it does not broadcast the fact that it is an MMA T Shirt).

As with all Like 2 Fight T Shirts we are confident that it will be one of the comfiest and highest quality Ts that you own.  Strong and long lasting, this will last whether you’re rolling in it or doing the shopping.

First Impressions

“Supremacy” is pretty accurate, actually.

Somewhere between the striking contrast of red text against black background, the incredible artwork that makes up the whole front of the T-shirt, and the word “supremacy,” I was impressed.

And then I put it on.

The words “comfy,” “snug” and “silky-smooth” don’t even begin to cover it. Okay, maybe that last one’s more of a phrase, but what matters is that that thanks to Like 2 Fight’s use of pure cotton and stunning graphics, “supremacy” has finally been captured.


I’m assured – by the visual quality and maybe the label – that 100% cotton not only makes the T-shirt easy to wash, but also very durable. Regardless of what labels say, the T-shirt feels durable; just thick enough to stretch and yet thin enough to be breathable whilst training. But for me, the best feature isn’t what the T-shirt has, it’s what it hasn’t got: there is no mention of “MMA” anywhere, and so it doesn’t matter if you want a durable, functional shirt for training or an impressive, cool shirt for everyday use. Sure, it’s not thin enough to keep you completely cool in warmer weather or intense sessions, and it’s not thick enough to be worn on its own when it’s cold outside, but “supremacy” is a shirt that isn’t going to wear out anytime soon, and it sure isn’t going to stop looking great anytime soon. So for a training T-shirt that can also be worn casually, what more could you ask for?


For me, the small size fits snugly, just close enough to the skin yet loose enough to be comfy. The fabric itself is also quite silky in texture, and so as well as being fairly stretchy, feels great to wear. Inevitably, the closer fit slightly restricts arm movement, but no more than you’d expect from any training T-shirt, and the elasticity maintains the comfort whilst enabling the greatest possible freedom of movement.

In short, no matter what you’re doing, this shirt fits well, and feels good, too!


The freedom of movement the T-shirt allows whilst staying close to the body, as well as the material’s natural elasticity and breathability, makes it a fantastic shirt for training in. The snug fit also means that, unlike other T-shirts, there is no loose fabric to get in the way. It also helps keep you cool, since there is a much thinner layer of air between your body and the T-shirt.

And of course, as I’ve said, this isn’t just another training T-shirt. It can be (and has been!) worn whenever, wherever, for whoever, and look awesome whilst still retaining that essential functionality.


As a training T-shirt, “supremacy” is lightweight, cool, durable and flexible. As a casual T-shirt, it’s all those things, and looks incredible, too. It feels great, it looks great, and if you’re looking for a high-quality training AND casual T-shirt for a reasonable price, then great, you’ve found it!

Out of ten? “Supremacy” definitely deserves a solid 9/10.

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