RVCA BJ Penn Black Belt Boxer BriefMMA Shorts

You read that right, boys. (and maybe even girls) BJ PENN BOXER BRIEFS.

Based on his infamous RVCA BJ Penn Black Belt Fight Shorts comes a unique product. Enter the RVCA BJ Penn Black Belt Boxer Briefs! This 1×1 ribbed cotton, athletic boxer brief that has screenprints of the fight shorts itself will make you the master of the rubber guard and give you a lightning-fast jab in no time!

Thanks to this product, you can now pretend to be “The Prodigy” himself in your half-nakedness — but we suggest that you do this in the comforts of your own home.

Use it at your own risk boys and girls.

PURCHASE: RVCA BJ Penn Black Belt Boxer Brief

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