Venum Challenger MMA ShortsMMA Shorts

For a sleek pair of new MMA shorts, check out the Venum Challenger MMA Shorts.

The Venum Challenger MMA Shorts are made with a 100% polyester construction apart from the crotch flex panel which allow you to have unrestricted movement while striking, grappling or both. It also features a snag-free drawstring so you won’t ever have to worry about it being caught in the wash and coming out all frayed and whatnot.

The Venum Challenger MMA Shorts sport a very sleek black and grey design that are sure to make you look good in the gym, at the beach or for a fight. My mentality is, if you’re going out, at least you’re going out in fashion.

The Venum Challenger MMA Shorts are available at MMAWarehouse.

PURCHASE: Venum Challenger MMA Shorts

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