Brain Pad NatureZone Sanitizing ChamberMouthpieces

Ever wonder if there was a more conventional way to clean your mouthguard? Well, here’s how!Oral Appliance Sanitization Deodorization Purification Chamber – 3000x more effective than Chlorine or Bleach. Utilizes ozone ions (a proven international hospital sanitizing technology) and ultra Violet light to break-down and destroy bio-pathogens found on and in oral appliances Including: sport mouth guards, retainers, night guards, veneers, & dentures. No chemical astringents or refill tablets needed. Battery powered Allows 100% portability. Push button technology bathes item with ozone ions and UV light. Auto-cycle kills 99% of pathogens in a fast, chemical free 3 mins. ! Ozone technology destroys even antibiotic resistant germs like STREP, STAPH, MRSA, and e-coli.

PURCHASE: Brain Pad NatureZone Sanitizing Chamber

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