Combat Sports SafeTech MMA Sparring GloveGloves

Today, we’ll take a look at the Combat Sports SafeTech MMA Glove; considerably the best MMA training glove or MMA sparring glove available in the market today.

It features an all leather (real cowhide, not synthetic) construction

Don’t let the size fool you, even though it is as compact as a competition glove and the padding does not seem like it’s that thick at all, these babies pack a punch while still giving you security. With it’s Advanced IMF Tech molded foam padding, it offers protection that is arguably only a little shy or equal to your typical sparring glove, while offering you the open palm and finger feature of an MMA Glove for more grappling viability. Even though it has been dubbed as the “safest MMA glove” , I’d still advice you to be careful and not go all-out during sparring sessions because the last thing you’d want is a broken hand/wrist or an injured mate.

Combat Sports SafeTech MMA Sparring Gloves


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