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Combat Sports International released their pair of CSI MMA Hybrid Fight Gloves to provide the best of both worlds for it to be durable for training and provide the necessary support and protection for competition. It features thick segmented padding over the knuckles and the back of the hand, an open palm design for maximum mobility and grip, a wrap-around hook-and-loop closure for ease of use and increased wrist support and with a durable, synthetic leather construction.

First Impressions: I bought these gloves in a Large, which is a little big, from my trainer around 6 months ago, and have used them on a regular basis. Anyways, when I first saw them, they looked nice and felt light. The white piping accented the black very nicely. The logos were perfect, no smudges no nothing, but there were a few loose threads. Nothing to worry about though, not yet at least.

Fit: Like I said, they were a little big. Not big enough to complain though. The wrist support is excellent, haven’t rolled my wrists yet.

Stand up: I guess These gloves are meant for sparring, they have nice thick padding. Seems to be about 1″, perfect for pad work or sparring. Within the 6 months I really have not had that many problems. One day, out of the entire time I’ve used them, we were doing some pad work. For some reason my knuckles got jacked up! I mean they were rubbed raw and I went an entire class, each strike stung more than the last. Of course continuing was my choice, but I don’t believe they should have done that none the less. A few weeks later the loose threads started to become worse, and soon an entire thread had came out. It was the stitching between the knuckle padding and the top of the hand padding. There is also a small tear on one of the fingers, again, not a huge problem but something that probably shouldn’t happen. I blamed myself for it as I used them a few times for bag work and ground and pound with dummies. The other day i was just looking at the glove and saw a tag on the inside, it read “THESE ARE BAG GLOVES AND ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR SPARRING OR BOXING COMPETITION. USING THESE GLOVES FOR SPARRING OR BOXING COMPETITION COULD PRESENT A DISTINCT DANGER TO THE USER. THESE GLOVES PROVIDE A DEGREE OF PROTECTION BUT ARE NOT WARRENTED TO PREVENT INJURY. THE USER ASSUMES ALL RISK! That’s funny, seeing as they were advertised as Hybrid gloves.

Ground: They worked perfect with dummies for ground and pound but they are a little bulky for grappling. They tend to get “stuck” when doing guillotines, rear naked chokes etc.

Look great
Good padding
Good Wrist support

A bit bulky for ground
Fell apart rather quickly

Overall: I would give these gloves a 4/5. They are nice gloves for the money. I would definitely recommend getting your size, so you do not have any of the problems that I had. I guess they are made for bag use, but they are fine to spar with. If you are looking for stand up and grappling gloves, look else where. They are just a bit to bulky and get in the way.

CodyD, MMAGearGuide.net

Combat Sports MMA Hybrid Fight Gloves

From: MMAWarehouse.com

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