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The Dollamur Flexi-Roll® Tatami style mat is the premier American-made Tatami martial arts mat. The Tatami style Flexi-Roll® mat is incredibly versatile and can easily be used at home, in small clubs, large commercial schools, and tournaments. Ultra light-weight, portable convenience, easy setup & takedown, and durability make this mat the choice of champions for stand-up and grappling arts. Now you can practice your moves and skills at home on the same style mat you compete on. The FLEXI-ROLL® home mat has the same great performance, high quality sports foam, durable tatami surface.

First Impressions: I bought 2 5x10x1.25″ mats about 3 months back. When I first received the mats, I was amazed of how large they were. 10×10 is bigger than you think. When I first unrolled them I was exceptionally pleased, you could smell how new the mats were. They were a little dirty, but nothing a quick wiping couldn’t fix. The mats were flawless, and the tatami surface looked even cleaner in real life.

Versatility: The mats do not weigh to much, nothing a martial artist can’t handle. They take a few seconds to roll out and roll back up. The only time that took a few minutes was taping the mats together. If you have someone help you it goes by a lot quicker.

Stand up: The mats work exceptionally well for stand up. They do not sink in when you stand on them and they allow you to be versatile and move around without restriction. The tatami is supposed to help the footing, especially for when the mat gets wet, and it works. The mats have a small Dollamur logo/warning printed near the end of the mat, but don’t worry, it is not an annoyance. One thing that was unfortunate was that I noticed a small tear on the top of one of the mats, right where the joint of the mat is. I was unhappy that I found it, but my worries were put to rest once I emailed them. They told me they could replace it, but I decided it would not be a problem so they told me if it gets any worse to let them know.

Ground: The mats are only 1.25″ thick, I was a little worried about them being to thin, and to some of us they might be. But for me, that’s perfect. Take downs do not hurt whatsoever, however when performing bigger “slams” you could feel some of the impact. When working on the ground, they work just like any other mat, perfectly. And don’t worry about the seam in between the mats, you cannot feel it once taped.


  • Look great
  • Good protection
  • Nice versatility
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Price
  • May be a bit to thin for some people

Overall: I would give these mats a 4/5. They are excellent mats for the money, if I could have I would of purchased a bit thicker version of the mat, if it were the same price, but other than that they are great! They offer everything you would find at a gym for a fraction of the price. If you do decide to purchase them, make sure you buy them from Dollamur’s store on eBay, they are much cheaper on there.


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