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Check out Sean Sherk’s new product, the Elevation Training Mask!

Before you ask, the Elevation Training Mask isn’t a fetish item. ;)

Now that we’ve had that clear, the Elevation Training Mask is basically a gas mask for MMA that simulates high-altitude training. You’ve heard of MMA fighters and boxers that go up to Big Bear in California just to experience altitude, but now, the Elevation Training Mask makes it possible to experience altitude training in the comfort of your own home.

Numerous benefits of the Elevation Training Mask include:

  • Better pulmonary strength
  • Better diaphragm strength
  • Increases aveoli (the stuff that make up your lungs) surface area and elasticity
  • Increased oxygen intake and absorption when you take the mask off

The Elevation Training Mask is now available at MMAWarehouse.

PURCHASE: Elevation Training Mask by Sean Sherk

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