Fairtex HG3 Sparring HeadgearHeadgear

Here’s the Fairtex HG3 Sparring Headgear!

When you think Muay Thai, you think Fairtex. Handmade in Thailand, the Fairtex HG3 Sparring Headgear features a durable leather construction and great Thai craftsmanship. It offers a well thought out design that combines visibility, coverage, protection and weight. The Fairtex Sparring Headgear is the most popular of all Fairtex Headgear products, and has been the go-to choice by both boxing and Muay Thai pros over the years. Even with all other comapnies popping up, Fairtex is still the original and they’re not going anywhere.

Available at MMA Overload for $89.99.

PURCHASE: Fairtex Sparring Headgear

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