Fairtex Pro Style Shin PadsShin Guards

When you think about Muay Thai, I’m sure that Fairtex comes into mind fairly straight away.. Shipped right of Thailand, these babies are made out of synthetic leather for the covers and high-density foam and only weigh 2/3′s of the Fairtex Standard Shin Pads (SP1) and are arguably one of the best shin guards out in the market today.

The SP3 comes in either blue or black and even though the website shows of the labels being black and white, the labels are actually coloured in blue and black. I know it’s nothing major but I just thought I’d point that out.

Like most things, once you’ve got the sizing down, it feels particularly snug. The hook and loop straps are easily better than the velcro used in the earlier standard versions and keeps relatively in place. That being said, even though it does shift around it still protects your shin pretty well due to the padding on the side of the leg. A solution I’ve found was to hook the strap really tight but some may deem it uncomfortable.

Compared to the other earlier versions of Fairtex Shin Pads, these are relatively more sweat resistant therefore making them more comfortable for use during training. Not to mention that the padding is just at an adequate level where you don’t actually feel much pain even during hard sparring or hitting the bag pretty heavily but they still continue to aid in conditioning your shins.

The Fairtex Pro Style Shin Pads also offer a double ribbed inside so whether you’re kicking or checking, there is little to no pain and considering they also feature a longer in-step, you’re ensured protection all around.

Other than a couple of issues mentioned, I can see why these are one of the best out there. I’d give ‘em a 4/5.


+Made from durable synthetic leather and double ripped high density foam.

+Longer in-step

+Enough padding for it not to hurt when checking or kicking but still continue to condition your shins

+Hook and loop strap

-Moves a bit but nothing too major

-Can be strapped tightly but may deem uncomfortable

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