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Miss the Pink Atama Mundial Gi that Kyra Gracie was rocking? Well, here’s another pink BJJ gi in the Fuji Pink Gi!

The Fuji All-Around Pink BJJ Gi was designed by women for women, and features slightly shorter arms, tapered sleeves, tapered pants, and thinner waist line for a truly comfortable fit.  This unique gi comes embroidered with the Breast Cancer Ribbon in white on both the jacket and the pants – a percentage of all sales of the Fuji Pink Gi will support breast cancer research including the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure.

The Fuji All-Around Pink gi is made with 100% cotton, and is available in both women (W1 – W6) and girl’s sizes (WC00 – WC3).  Perfect for BJJ and judo training, BJJ competition, or just for fun. You will not be disappointed!

Includes jacket and pants and comes with FREE FUJI patch that can be sewn on.

The Fuji Pink Gi is available at MMAWarehouse.

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