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The sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries in MMA or any sport for that matter. Another pain in the arse is mat burn, so how do we avoid or prevent both? The Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips are the first scientifically engineeredFoot Grips designed for MMA. Needing ankle supports myself, I decided to give these a shot. I was looking for quality and Hayabusa has never let me down.

First off, I’ll talk about the fit. I cannot stress enough that you need to get grips that are for your size because sizing for these is true. If your foot size is under a 9 US, definitely go for the Small/Medium. Large is for shoe sizes 10 and 11, and XL is for size 12 and up. If you are in between, I would suggest for you to go for a larger size to maximize the surface area that is on your foot. I am a size 9.5 myself and I ordered the S/M, was a bit too tight and didn’t cover my foot. I have another pair that is Large and those fit me perfectly.

As for the material used, these are made with a high tensil neoprene (and if you want to get into specifics, it’s a combination of cotton fibers, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam and latex rubber foam) that maximizes both foot and ankle support. As a support, it does do what it’s supposed to. It keeps my ankles warm, and protects my foot from mat burns. (Yes, even that part under the big toe that everyone dreads getting burnt) The stitching on these are great and I’ve only seen probably 1 loose thread so far and that’s after a lot of wear and tear. The antibacterial and anti-odour material used also keeps it hygenic so sorry guys, you won’t be getting cheap taps from smelly gogoplatas with these.

The bread and butter of this piece of equipment is the rubber grips on the bottom. Hayabusa’s SureGrip technology provides state-of-the-art mat traction that helps with start/stop power, shooting for takedowns, sprawling and basically any given situation both when striking and grappling. Are they God’s gift to traction? No, but they certainly do help.

I’ve heard many issues about the Hayabusa Ashi Foot Grips. Some people say that the red dots come off only after one training session, threads come loose immediately and etc. To be honest, I too have an experience with those issues BUT they have been resolved.

Turns out, there have been faulty items due to various reasons. All you need to do is email info@hayabusafightwear.com and provide photos of your faulty Ashi Foot Grips and they will send you a replacement pair absolutely free of charge. No shipping, no returning, nothing. I myself live across the pond and Hayabusa sent me a pair after I contacted them. I am very impressed with Hayabusa’s Customer Service and I recommend the company to anyone.

The difference between the “old”, faulty ones and the “new” faulty ones are that the stitching is more compact on the latter, and the material used on the rubber dots are very different and they have not worn out since I’ve been using them.

I know these babies are a bit pricey but trust me, given that the customer service and quality control is amazing; they’re worth the bills.

I’d recommend these to anyone.

Hayabusa Ashi™ MMA Foot Grips

From: MMAWarehouse.com

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