Hayabusa Hand Wraps and Water BottleHand Wraps and Accessories

Hayabusa has come out with 2 new products the week before Christmas, the Hayabusa Hand Wraps and the Hayabusa Water Bottle.

The hand wraps are 180″ in length and are Mexican-style hand wraps so they are a bit more elastic than your average cotton wraps. The Hayabusa logo is embroidered into the material and from what we’ve seen, they come in the colours red and black. These are also the best quality hand wraps available on the market today and they would go hand-in-hand with your Hayabusa PRO MMA Gloves, Hayabusa Hybrid Gloves and Hayabusa Sparring Gloves.

Then there’s the Hayabusa Eco Water Bottle — made out of stainless steel, you’ll never be worried about plastic toxins again. Plus, it’s a great way to help the environment! Comes in black with the Hayabusa logo and carries 700mL. Perfect opening for putting in ice cubes, and since it doesn’t retain odour or flavours, it’s perfect to use as a protein shaker as well!

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