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First ever Hayabusa Pro Handwraps Review! I hope you guys have as much fun reading as I did reviewing these things.

This is the first time I’m reviewing a pair of handwraps so please take it easy.

First off, these handwraps are definitely on the more expensive side of things but being from the UK, I justified the purchase since we don’t really have as much of a variety of wraps as you guys do across the pond. It was also just about a dollar and a half more expensive than your other pair of handwraps so I decided to give it a go.

These are 180″ Mexican-style wraps with the Hayabusa logo embroidered on the end between the velcro straps. These wraps are available in red and black, and the hand and wrist protection are pretty standard. Though I’d like to talk about how these wraps differ.

I’d like to start off by commenting on the strap that these handwraps have. They’re a bit different than your standard rectangular strips of velcro as they are shaped along the end. have a look for yourself.

I reckon this is to avoid possible scratching of the velcro onto the wraps themselves or to make it easier to get off.

Here’s another look:

If you do decide to get these wraps, I would suggest not putting any pressure on your hand when wrapping as they do get to go tighter as your hands get sweatier.

These wraps are relatively thick. They’re thicker than my pairs of Renegade MMA wraps. I’m sorry guys, I don’t have any more handwraps so I’m really limited on how I can comment on comparing how thick they are to others right now.

This is where the review gets a bit interesting. I knew I had to do something to further describe how stretchy these wraps so an idea was born.

Welcome to the first ever 5-inch Stretch Challengeā„¢! Before you think of anything sexual, let me explain it. The 5-inch Stretch Challengeā„¢ is where you take 5 inches of your wrap, stretch it and see how much it stretches and document it.

Right now, I’ve got my standard 5-inches. (no pun intended)

And here, we can see how much it stretches.

So yeah, stretchy handwraps are stretchy. It stretched, give or take, about 2 inches.

A fellow Sherdog member, Maori Taskforce, had this to say..

“if you like the bigger thai style gloves and layer wraps over your knuckles MT style, and like alot of stretch they may be god’s gift to you.”

And I do agree with him, they work fine for me because that’s how I do wrap my hands. And if you’re looking for a video on how to do a Thai Style wrap, this is the method that I personally use.

Overall I’d give these wraps about an 8.5/10. They’re pretty good but a bit harder on the budget.

And remember boys! Whatever you do, please always wrap. You’ll never know what will happen. If your partners don’t like wrapping, encourage them to for the safety of all. Cheers for reading guys.

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