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Based on Hayabusa‘s top selling Haburi Rashguard, the Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard sports the same advanced features and custom fit and adds a fiber-fused Japanese-inspired design. Armed with sophisticated thermoregulation to wick away sweat, keeping the body dry and muscles warm and antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, this is the ultimate in rashguard engineering ensures maximum performance during each training session.So here’s my Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard review and I hope you guys like it. Take note, this rashy is available both in long-sleeve and short-sleeve variations but this review is based on the long-sleeve version.

The moment I pulled this baby out of the bag, I was very impressed. Aesthetic wise, I looked friggin’ awesome. The logos were well done and it seemed like they weren’t printed on the rashguard but as if it was actually part of the material. Later on, I found out that the logos were fibre-infused to make sure they don’t fade or rub out. It also felt so smooth; almost like silk but it’s actually made out of 91% polyester and 9% dry-spun polymetric fibre. I did not see any loose threads upon inspection so that’s always a good thing.

It fits very well onto your skin but I find it a bit tight around the chest and the arms and a bit loose in the abdomen. Nothing too major but it does tend to roll up just a little bit while on the ground. Other than that, it stays where it’s supposed to and it does its job pretty well. There was a point that I have kept this on for close to 5 hours and it has kept me dry — on it’s own or with a gi on top of it.

This is definitely an MMA rashguard (and not like certain surfer rashguards that have MMA company brands stamped on them) as it keeps me cool when it’s warm and it keeps me warm when it’s relatively cool. Wearing the Hayabusa Mizuchi Rashguard ensures that my body is at the optimal temperature during training.

I handwash this, along with my other MMA clothing and it dries relatively fast. I wouldn’t recommend putting any lycra or spandex in the washing machine so they don’t deform as easily.

Again, like most things Hayabusa, a bit steep on the pocket but you do get what you pay for: top quality and great customer service.

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