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Voted the world’s best MMA gloves, this Canada-based company has produced one heck of a piece. With it’s innovative Y-Volar design that keeps it shifting from your hand, not only does it give you better grappling ability on the ground but it also adds to the power behind each and every one of your punches. The only other gloves I’ve seen with a similar type of design would be Razorstorm (UK). Back on topic, it also features a dual cross directional strap system so you get some more punching power and additional wrist support. These are your standard 4oz gloves that are commonly used in competitions and each glove is independently tested to match the highest standards.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of white but I can tell you that I fell in love when I first set my eyes on these gloves. (Don’t worry, they’re also available in Black/Red) The Hayabusa MMA gloves match the 1st-gen Hayabusa Pro Shin/In-step Guards if you’re looking for the “sponsored” look or just your average gear junkie.

Like most things Hayabusa, (or any other brand for that matter) these gloves may need about a week or two of breaking in before they start being really comfortable. During your first week, they probably won’t fit you with your standard 180″ handwraps on so I would suggest getting proper MMA handwraps, junior Mexican style handwraps or basically anything 120″ and under. They are true to size so as long as you follow the guidelines for sizing. (S/M for 175lbs and below, L/XL for anyone heavier.)

Overall, I’d give it a 5/5. After all, it is voted world’s best MMA glove.

Cliffs Notes

+The Hayabusa MMA Gloves were voted best MMA gloves in the world.

+Does not shift on your hand because of the Y-Volar design.

+Double wrist straps for better protection.

+More punching power.


-They’re a bit pricey for a pair of gloves but you get what you pay for.

~They’re comparable to the Fairtex NHB gloves in terms of price.

Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves (Black or White)

From: MMAWarehouse.com

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