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These over-sized thai pads offer the very best impact protection. They feature Hayabusa’s exclusive SoftForm that inserts along the forearm for increased comfort, even when taking hits from the heaviest of strikers. The durable and easy to use strap system combined with the ErgoGrip stabilizer makes these an ideal choice for serious training.

Ordering: I ordered my pads from MMAFactory.co.uk. For bang on the money and delivery time, these guys are awesome!

First Impressions: When the courier knocked down the door and threw a big box at me I was like, OH DEAR. I swear they weren’t this big in the pictures. After being used to using the smaller Thai brands pads I was overwhelmed by the size of these things but in all honesty, its allowed Hayabusa to access all the different sizes of people that train as everyone isn’t a short stocky fellow like myself. More on this later in the review though.

Construction: Upon tearing open the box my pads came in I checked them thoroughly to ensure that all the stitching was intact and the handles were all still correctly joined. The build quality on these things are fantastic, even after 3 months of use of for at least 3 hours a time, 3 days a week they are still holding strong. Even the peregrine falcon design hasn’t rubbed much. The term “you get what you pay for” really shows in these pads as they look like brand new even now.  These items look as if they have had hours spent on getting them perfect for the customer.

Training: Obviously when training with brand new pads they are usually quite stiff and hard when you strike them, this is still the same now but obviously you’re not striking them for the feel factor, I naturally throw hard shots both with my kicks, hands and elbows when I train so it feels like more than enough padding to protect the wearer of the pads and provide a stable area to smash into.

When holding these pads do they really shine, the wearer of the pads feels nothing apart from the obligatory motion of your arms moving unless your some kind of golem who can stand in front of the striker for hours on end. The straps are all fantastic and the positioning allows even the shortest person such as myself to adequately hold these pads for someone else to strike and not get the obligatory arm/wrist ache you get from some Thai Pads having misplaced handles

Back to the point of the length and insides of these pads, Hayabusa pride themselves on the technical details of the pads, ErgoGrip ™ and SoftForm ™ are these jewel in the crown items, Ergogrip ™ is designed to make the pads feel as natural as possible around the wearers arms and this is shown when wearing them, As well as this Hayabusa use a special compound of foam which is known as SoftForm ™ and this gives unrivalled protection against even the hardest kickers in your gym as well as giving superb protection its super light and is less likely to fatigue the wearer.,

Overall: Hayabusa pride themselves on going that bit further than other brands and this is shown in these bad boys, They are probably the best thai pads out there at the moment, They have taken a working model and made it so much more impressive, With added comfort, stability and heck even a certain amount of coolness within the pad (everyone surely loves peregrine falcons right?). The biggest worry for this item is the price. They are available for around the 90 GBP (137 USD) mark and that price is justified because of the quality of these items. If you’re serious about getting some high end equipment and these are in your budget then get them or else I’ll send Shogun round.

DISCLAIMER: Please note shogun is a monster and probably would smash you with these pads on, just saying. But Shogun won’t come round, he’s far too busy enjoying his winnings from the Machida fight. HELL YEAH!

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