Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Instep GuardsShin Guards

The Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Instep Guards are designed to protect during stronger kicking and sparring. With the double the padding of regular shin instep guards (Performance Ridge and Instep Padding), yet still with a lightweight construction for optimal mobility and performance. The Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Instep Guards are ergonomically engineered curvature delivers the perfect striking surface. Featuring premium vented foam complex for maximum protection and enhanced thermo-regulation, a dual velcro closure system for an ultimate fit and perforated neoprene backing ensures full breathability.

First Impressions: I purchased these shin guards around Christmas time while I was in the Philippines. I’m sure you all know that feeling of anticipation when you come home to new gear. I was stoked. When I pulled the shin guards out I was immediately impressed, they were absolutely flawless. I do not know how fast they were shipped, as I was in the Philippines, but the packaging was nothing memorable, though I don’t care about the packaging.(Unless the item is damaged that is)

Construction: Like I was saying, they were, and still are flawless. There was not a single loose thread to be found. They are easily the most well constructed piece of gear I own. I have no complaints whatsoever, they had no marks on the leather and the logo was not smudged, cracked, or anything like that. I simply cannot stress enough how well these are made.

Fit: They fit like a charm, one thing that is confusing though is to figure out which pad goes on which leg. I don’t think it actually matters, just whatever is comfiest I suppose. They fit very snug to your leg, depending on how tight you make them. I ordered them in M, and the top of the shin guard is 3″ from me knee, while the end of the shin guard covers my entire foot except for my toes.

Training: In the 3 months I have had these shin guards I have put them through a beating. I was really afraid that they would begin to frill and fray, but they have held up exceptionally well. Even the logo is still 100% intact. I can already tell these will last me a long time. Anyways… I absolutely love kicking with these pads. You do not feel much of the force on your shin, most of it is absorbed by the padding. The shin guard protects my entire shin and foot. The only thing that is exposed are my toes. When I kick with my toes on accident, I feel like it’s more of a lesson to teach me to kick with my shin, not my toes. The foot pad does not restrict my movement when I’m walking around in them. Like I said, they fit very snugly to your leg, but there is a little bit of room between the end of the foot pad and your foot itself. Other than that they fit perfectly, when kicking heavy they tend to shift a little, I mean little, bit. It’s barely even noticeable. When I wear the shin guards for an extended period of time(around an hour), without removing them, my legs begin to sweat a little bit. I don’t have sweaty legs normally, but the shin guards are so snug that my legs have no room to breathe. I honestly don’t care about that since they do not shift, although they may begin to smell in the future. I volunteered to be on the receiving end of these, and as I expected, they are simply amazing. They really reduce the amount of force that your leg receives. Kicks still hurt a decent amount when there is some force behind them, but it’s not nearly as bad as being kicked without a shin guard. Another thing I wasn’t to throw in is the fact that they are super light. They are a bit pricey, but they are sure worth it.

Look great
Fit great
Fantastic Construction
Great Padding

Legs cannot breathe
Don’t come in white

Overall: I wish I could give these a 5/5, but since I have not tried every shin guard on the market I’ll have to keep it at a 4.5/5. I absolutely love these things, there is not a major flaw with these shin guards. It’s not really a con that they don’t come it white, which would have been nice.

EDIT: I just realized that I have been wearing the shin guards a bit to high, hence the reason my toes stick out. Wearing them a bit lower covers your entire foot.

PURCHASE: Hayabusa Hayabusa Pro Striking Shin Instep Guards


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  1. Hey bro I’m getting them this week so do u recomend them?

    • byRomeo
    • onMarch 23, 2010

    Definitely recommend these but it really depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re gonna be grappling with ‘em, you might want to stick with their “Pro” Shin/Instep guards.