Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling ShinguardsShin Guards

Brand new from the Tokushu Series, the Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shinguards.

Man oh man, the Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shinguards look awesome. With scientific research, these shinguards are arguably the best in the market today. Hayabusa is the pioneered the concept of grappling shinguards and other companies just soon followed, so you know you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Unlike traditional shinguards or the Hayabusa Tokushu Striking Shinguards, the Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shinguards feature a breathable neoprene back so it stays secure on your shin without shifting during groundwork, hence the name. It also features Deltra EG, Hayabusa’s new inner core technology that is scientifically proven not to bottom out or degrade overtime, and also regains its form after a strike. The Deltra EG foam is made with your protection as well as the product’s longevity in mind.

The Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shinguards also feature Vylar, another Hayabusa technology which was tested in the University of Cincinnati and is proven to be crack and tear-proof, while being flexible and withstanding training conditions time and time again.

The Hayabusa Tokushu Grappling Shinguards are available at MMA Warehouse.

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