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First Impressions: Like a kid on Christmas morning, I pulled these things out of the bag and I was in awe. I’ve seen and inspected my training partners’ shorts (before training, of course) and the JACO Resurgence shorts were nothing like the pairs that they owned.. in a good way. The material is very light and unlike 100% polyester shorts, is not stiff.

There’s really nothing like representing your own country in the sport that you love and JACO has made this possible. The JACO Resurgence Coat of Arms shorts feature countries such as the USA, UK and Canada, Brazil, Mexico and much more to follow.

One feature that these shorts have is the pocket on the bottom of the left leg of the shorts, which can primarily used for your mouthguard for when you’re training and can also be used for keys when you decide to use these for the gym. And the surprising thing is, the bloody things don’t even flop around when you’ve got something in them.

Fit: I usually wear size 30 jeans and recalling the advice of the people that owned these shorts, I ordered a size up which was a 32. These shorts are a tad bit hard to get on over the legs but once you’ve got them over your quads, you’re pretty much good to go. The shorts also just fall right smack in the middle of your kneecap. They’re not baggy and with that said, they’re definitely not tight to the point where they feel like Vale Tudo shorts — the cut on these shorts is pretty much close to perfect.

I’d also like to speak about the Resurgence Fight Shorts’ closure system. It’s pretty unique as when you tighten it, it feels so comfortable to the point where you don’t even feel it tighten — don’t let this statement fool you though, it’s very, very secure. It never rides up or down; it stays where it is — they don’t slip, slide or turn at all. This may also be because of the rubber print on the inside of the waistband.

Construction: Fantastic. No loose threads whatsoever and the quality of the material used is just awesome. These shorts are unique seeing as they don’t use the board shorts material that we commonly see in MMA shorts nowadays, but rather a stretchy fabric. It’s made out of 90% spandex, 10% polyester.

All the logos are heat-transferred, with an exception of the Tenacity logo on the back of the waistband of the shorts which is embroidered in high-quality. The vinyl logos are able to stretch with the fabric without permanent distortion.

Stand-up: These shorts have a traditional Muay Thai shorts feel to them while still being a distinct pair of MMA shorts in itself. With that said, I had no problem throwing knees and high kicks seeing as these shorts have 6-inch split seams. As mentioned before, since the whole shorts is made out of stretchy material, they do not restrict any movement whatsoever. The best way to put it is that the shorts flow with your every movement.

Ground: I feel like I’m not wearing anything on the ground with these on and I’m not even exaggerating. The shorts allow for unparalleled movement both in the top or bottom positions. The thing does not shift, slip or slide.

There is a little bit of bunching up of the short leggings while on the bottom, but that’s just gravity working its wonders. For what it’s worth, I’ve found that these shorts ride up the least from all the ones that I’ve used seen as they feature a slightly shorter split seam than most.

Athletic Cups: In the course of 4 months, I’ve worn these shorts with both the Shock Doctor Cup and Compression Shorts and the JACO Guardian. Both are very compatible though I might give the JACO Guardian the slight advantage due to the fact that they’re made by the same company and would tend to have more symmetry to them.

Durability: After 4 months of use and abuse, training 2-3 times a week, 3 hours at a time, the shorts are virtually brand new except for the fact that the JACO logos are starting to peel — nothing too drastic, just little peels along the edges. Still, no loose threads, the drawstring is still in place and the velcro is pretty much unphased.

Overall: All in all, I’d give these shorts a 4.5/5. With the exception of the peeling logos overtime, these are an amazing pair of shorts and JACO has truly set the standard for the newer generation of MMA shorts. I would definitely recommend these shorts to anyone.

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    • byJaiRo
    • onFebruary 25, 2010


    thanks for the review.

    In my experience, I would buy true to size and not size up. I sized up and they were too big. Further more, I ended up with a size 32 and it an inch space and my usual denim size is 34. It fits snug when on, stand up and ground work.

    Really happy with the purchase.