Jaco Short Sleeve RashguardMMA Rash Guards

Made from bamboo, the Jaco Short Sleeve Rashguard!

A new innovation for MMA training, Jaco Clothing has come up with another unique product. The Jaco Short Sleeve Rashguard is made from a 95% rayon bamboo/5% spandex blend. Why bamboo? Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and allows for more breathable material, and becomes warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly so you’ll be green when you buy this product!

The Jaco Short Sleeve Rashguard also feature mesh panels placed strategically to keep your core cool during rigorous MMA training sessions, and a stealth mouthguard pocket for easy storage for your mouthguard or keys.

The Jaco Short Sleeve Rashguard is available at MMA Warehouse.

PURCHASE: Jaco Short Sleeve Rashguard

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