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Here we take a closer look into Like 2 Fight’s XPLICIT and Inspire T-shirts.

I received 2 shirts from Like2Fight; namely the XPLICIT and the Inspire T-shirts. I pulled these badboys out of their respective bags and I was immediately impressed with both shirts aesthetically. Both shirts are made from 100% cotton.

Let’s start with the XPLICIT shirt — there can only be one word to describe this garment: BOLD.

Aesthetics: Featuring two bloody handprints on opposite polars of the shirt, a distressed Like2Fight logo on the right breast, complemented with the word XPLICIT in capitals. Not to mention, the L2F logo on the back of the neck. All these features are screenprinted to perfection.

Fit: Contrary to the more popular athletic-fit, this shirt features the traditional cut. I asked Like 2 Fight why this is so and they told me that they wanted a shirt that can be worn in the gym for training. Good call, Like 2 Fight. The last thing I would want to do is getting overheated in training. They fit great around the chest and torso, just right around the neck and a bit loose on the arms.

Overall: I’ve worn this shirt quite a number of times and have received great feedback from it, even from those who are not in the fight game. I’d definitely wear this shirt in the gym, at a tournament or to an MMA event. This shirt can give off a strong message so I’d think twice about wearing this in a bad part of town. Other than that, it’s a great shirt and I’d give it a 9/10.

Next up on the grill is the Inspire shirt.

Aesthetics: Like 2 Fight spoke about quality on their interview and my, do their products do the talking for them? Hell yeah. Photos do not serve this shirt justice. It features a serrated “L” across the shirt accented by the word “Inspire” in script, both in silver foil. I’ve washed this shirt a couple times and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with chipping. Just remember not to iron over it. (:

Fit: Compred to their XPLICIT shirt, this shirt comes in a more athletic fit — which I do prefer since I love wearing this shirt for everyday use. Obviously, it’s a bit of a tighter fit than traditionally cut shirts so it will expose your puffed up chest and jacked bicep fibres more.

Overall: I like the fact that L2F actually have a more “streetwear” line just because I want to express my support for the sport without coming off as too aggressive. No skulls and bones with this company guys. I love wearing this shirt and have received quite a number of compliments on it so I’d definitely give it a 10/10.

You can purchase these shirts, along with Like 2 Fight’s other designs and products on

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