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Essential for wrestlers and jiu-jitsu practitioners, the McDavid HexPad Impact Knee Pad.

In any grappling sport, you spend a great amount of mat time on the knees or making impact between your knee and the mat. With all the torn ACL’s and knee surgeries in the fight game, (hint hint, Shogun) it has been a reality not only to professional athletes but also casual practitioners. This is reason enough to protect our knees as much as possible, then comes the McDavid HexPad Impact Knee Pad which is the perfect kneepad for MMA training.

The HexPad technology features  multiple hexagonal mono-cellular pads spread throughout the piece of equipment that disperses direct impact to your bare knee, which will elongate the wear and tear time of your knees. This is especially when shooting for takedowns, which is done a lot in BJJ, No-Gi Grappling, wrestling or any grappling sport at that.

A full product description of the McDavid HexPad Impact Knee Pad can be found here.

The McDavid HexPad Impact Knee Pad is available at MMA Warehouse for $21.99, and are sold in pairs — comes out to just about $11 per kneepad.

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