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Craig Clement from Hayabusa Fightwear joins us for another installment of HOTSEAT.

Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. is one of the most regarded for companies in the MMA gear, equipment and clothing scene — providing us with high-quality products ranging from MMA gloves, rashguards, shorts and even a gi jacket.

Today, Hayabusa tells all in this interview.

Q: How did Hayabusa come about and why is it called Hayabusa?

A: Hayabusa came to be with a realization that the fight products that were available in the market did not meet the true needs of MMA fighters. Performance is critical in the fighting world and what was missing was a line that would be 100% dedicated to helping fighters maximize their full athletic potential.  There was a serious need for advanced equipment and apparel designed specifically for intense combat.  With that in mind, steps were taken to ensure that the very best quality and most functional products could be taken from ideation, to blue prints, to prototyping and testing into top notch development with only the finest materials and manufacturing processes.  In a nutshell, that is what inspired the Hayabusa ideal.

The name “Hayabusa”, translated from Japanese, refers to the Peregrine Falcon. This predatory falcon possesses the perfect fusion of speed, power and strength and is recognized for its extraordinary ability to strike with fierce precision and intensity. The Hayabusa falcon symbolizes the ideal meshing of what fighters strive to achieve in their relentless pursuit of combat supremacy. So at its very essence, Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter.

Q: What makes Hayabusa different from other companies and what does the Research & Development Department do at Hayabusa?

A: No other company produces fight gear that even comes close to matching Hayabusa’s advanced MMA line. With equipment and apparel driven by innovation, impressive technologies and sophisticated designs, it is clear we are committed to creating the most cutting-edge MMA products imaginable. Each and every one of our products undergoes rigorous planning, development and testing procedures to ensure our designs are perfected. For starters, Hayabusa’s Research and Development team spend countless hours in the engineering stages working closely with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to develop the initial prototypes for testing. Once the research team completes the development of a prototype that they believe achieves all the specifications outlined, Hayabusa then works with top MMA pros – subjecting every piece of gear to the most rigorous and thorough testing procedures until they are completely satisfied that the product is technically superior in every aspect of performance. Once the Research and Development team approves of the finalized product, it is released to the public for sale. This ensures the products Hayabusa launches are absolutely flawless and truly are the most advanced MMA products.

Q: What is the driving force behind the company?

A: Hayabusa is unwilling to compromise when it comes to quality and durability. We use only the very best material in all of our products. From the finest leathers to the highest-grade fabrics, you’ll be hard pressed to find another company that shares the same commitment to excellence. In this day and age, it seems as though a ton of companies are trying to cash in on the MMA explosion. The result is a market saturated with low-quality equipment and apparel. Even worse, some of the inferior fighting equipment on the market can result in injuries due to their poor design. When you put your body on the line every day during training, you want to be confident that your gear will provide the best performance and protection possible. There is no question that Hayabusa’s vast array of superior quality products reflects this. We are helping to engineer better fighters – taking fight performance to new heights.

Q: Quality comes at a price and this can truly be said about your products.  Any response to all the people who find Hayabusa’s to be on the more expensive side?

A: The saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is very true.  This is especially important when it comes to fight equipment and apparel.  We only use the finest in terms of both materials and design so unfortunately, there is a cost associated with that.  We won’t compromise when it comes to our products and are very proud of what we do.  We will never sacrifice this in order to come out with a cheap product, that is not what Hayabusa is about.

Q: What is Hayabusa’s best-selling product?

A: Not sure about best selling, but the best response from fighters would be on our 4oz. MMA gloves and our new Mizuchi Fight Shorts. The positive feedback that floods in on those products is just amazing.

Q: We’ve seen your 2nd generation shorts, the Mizuchi and Shiai but why is it that a lot of fighters still use the Kyoudo shorts?

A: The Kyoudo line is still doing very well because fighters recognize the quality of these shorts.  We’ve adopted changes from our Mizuchi and Shiai back into our Kyoudo line which keeps them as current and up-to-date as all of our other shorts.  It all comes down to style really, some fighters still prefer to wear shorts which are a little more subtle in terms of graphics and styling whereas other like designs a little more on the ‘wild’ side like our Mizuchis.  We are happy to be able to offer both.

Q: What can we expect from Hayabusa in the following months?

A: There is some really exciting stuff coming down the pipeline. Some big innovations are in the works and I wish I could go into details now but all I can say at this time is that you’ll just need to wait and see.  One thing for sure is expect even bigger things from Hayabusa in the near future. Summer 2010 is gonna be one heck of a season!

Q: Anything you’d like to say before we end this interview?

Thanks for the interview and thanks to everyone who supports Hayabusa and to the fighters that make MMA such an amazing sport.

We’d like to thank Craig Clement and Hayabusa Fightwear for both doing this interview and providing us with the best-quality MMA gear possible. For more info on Hayabusa Fightwear products, you can visit their website,

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