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After a long wait, the MusclePharm Flagship T-Shirt is here!

There has been a ton of demand for these to come out for consumers like you who have been seeing the likes of Jose Aldo, Rashad Evans, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Thiago Silva and many more MMA fighters who rock MusclePharm shirts as their walkout gear into the Octagon. The long wait is now over as the MusclePharm Flagship T-Shirt is now available.

The MusclePharm Flagship T-Shirt is a performance shirt, much like a rashguard that has moisture wicking properties and provides good ventilation. Perfect for any use may it be in the gym or for casual purposes. Comes in 3 colorways, black, green and white.

The MusclePharm Flagship T-Shirt is now available at MMAWarehouse for only $27.99. You should also check out the MusclePharm Performance T-Shirt as well.


PURCHASE: MusclePharm Flagship T-Shirt

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