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Nogi Industries Velox Rashguard finally drops!

The Nogi Velox Rashguard is one of the finest rashguards of it’s kind, and is often compared to the Rupture PTSi Rashguard. Though, what makes the Nogi rashguard different is the fact that it actually has side vents so it keeps you cool in the summer, but I can’t say that’s a good thing for the winter. Nonetheless, it makes a great summer rashguard.



The Nogi Velox Rashguard features sublimated logos, meaning no worries about peeling and are made in the United States of America, so you know what you’re paying for. Nogi Velox Sublimated Rashguard is also available in 2 color schemes and you should also check out the Nogi Velox Rank Rashguard for more color choices.

We’re glad to say that a lot of Nogi Industries products are now available at our favorite MMA retailer, MMA Warehouse.



PURCHASE: Nogi Velox Sublimated Long Sleeve Rashguard

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