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Here is the much awaited review of the Rupture PTSi (Performance Training Series) Rashguard!

The Rupture Performance Training Series (PTSi) rash guard – Without question, this is the most technically advanced compression fit shirt on the market today. Engineered without compromise to exceed the expectations of the world’s most demanding athletes.

• MicroBlend 83% ultragrade polyester and 17% performance spandex
• Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and odor resistant technology.
• Anti-bacterial, moisture wicking technology
• 4X4 nylon flat lock and triple seam stitching for ultimate comfort
• Triple stitch side and bottom seams with web backing for extra durability
• SupraLayer fit with tailored compression and longer cut body
• SPF50+ UV protection for outdoor use
• Dual-sided VaporDye (TM) sublimated fabric and branding
• Full Contact Wash (TM): Any Temperature, Any Load, Any Cycle, Tumble Dry, With or Without Bleach
• Proudly manufactured in the United States of America

I had very high expectations for the Rupture PTSi Rashguard considering that quite a number of people have had a positively different experience with these rashies and they were marketed in a way that would set them as the bar for other companies.

There were very good reviews on the initial Rupture Rashguards on Bullshido and Sherdog, and they were dubbed as “the best rashguards they’ve ever used”, and made in the USA. I for one did not have access to these bad boys being across the pond so I had no idea what the hype is all about. Nick from Rupture offered to have me review a unit and see what I thought.

First Impressions: Pulled it out of the bag, I don’t know if it’s placebo or the marketing but it made a very good impression on me just holding and looking at it. Material was solid, the sublimation was solid, everything about it was stellar BUT I can’t say much about it until I’ve used it on the mat.

Construction: Excellent. 83% polyester, 17% spandex blend. The Hayabusa Rashguards use a 91% polyester, 9% spandex blend. I asked Nick from Rupture why they decided to go with the specific 83/17 instead of the normal 90/10 and he mentioned that it was the lighter option, and sure enough it is. I’ve worn various rashguards and I can say that this bad boy definitely is lighter than most but just a tad bit thicker than half of what I’ve used. If you own a Hayabusa and Manto rashguard, it’s right in-between there.

Triple stitching. I’ve seen other companies lay on triple stitching and have done a pretty lame job at it but these guys pulled it off. Few loose threads here and there but nothing that can’t be fixed by a pair of scissors.

The design? Well, all I’m gonna say is that pictures do not give the PTSi rashguards justice. When I first saw the preview photos, I didn’t think that they would look THIS good. The sublimation process is what Rupture calls VaporDye Sublimation: garment is fully sublimated on both sides, enhancing color density on dark colors and eliminating the “white glass” effect when a garment is stretched. Try it out on your rashguard right now. Pull on a part of it and see if you get the white. Do you? Well, I don’t with my Rupture PTSi Rashguard.

Best of all, it’s made in the USA. Not to bash on other companies that outsource but creating stuff right on your doorstep makes a huge difference seeing as you have control of what goes into your product in terms of material and labour.

Fit: I’m at 5’7 140lbs and I got a medium and it’s was a tad bit on the tighter side. I thought that this was weird since I’m usually a small with most companies. Contact Rupture for sizing information just to be safe. You’re investing money on a product so make the effort to get it right the first time around.

One thing that Nick mentioned as well is that these rashies are 2 inches longer than most rashguards. You see other companies putting on elastic waistbands on their rashies to give you the illusion that it will keep it there — it won’t, trust me. It’s all about the cut and the cut on the PTSi rashguards are just perfect. They don’t ride up much if any at all.

Training: I was lucky enough to take this with me to my trip to the Philippines where I trained in high humidity. I’m talking 104 degrees fahrenheit, or 40 degrees celcius. It definitely kept me relatively cool and dry. It’s almost winter here in the UK as well and I’m gonna say it does its job; wicks away my sweat and keeps me cool.

Remember this rashguard isn’t just for MMA. Try going on a surf with this rashie on and it will be fine as it naturally has 50+ SPF.

Overall: Thoroughly researched and developed? Check.. Made in the USA? Check. High quality materials? Check. Great for MMA? Check. Great for other sports? Check. Best rashguard I’ve ever used? Definitely.

PURCHASE: Rupture PTSi Rashguard

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    • bytom
    • onMay 29, 2011

    awesome product, sizes run a bit small.