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Spats Grappling Tights from Scramble! Aoki, anyone?

PURCHASE: Scramble Spats Grappling Tights

The Scramble Spats Grappling Tights are theĀ first of its kind!

List of reasons why to get the new Scramble Spats Grappling Tights.

  • You most likely don’t have a pair of grappling tights. (yet)
  • Prevents mat burn, staph, possibly AIDS.
  • They keep your gluteus maximus warm in the winter.
  • They help you pull off submissions (and are legal to wear in competition)
  • George Sotiropoulos and Shinya Aoki, both great rubber guard players always wear a pair.
  • They’re sexy as ****.

These bad boys are in sleek black with contrast white stitching to bring out the style. Details include a sublimated Scramble logo that will never peel, fade or crack (unlike when you screen print onto rash materials), and a sweet Scramble label folded over the hem of the leg. The material is medium weight black 85% polyester and 15% elasthen (also known as spandex), and features a wide elastic waistband.

Available at for the EU and MMA Outlet for US and Canada.

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