Silver Star Georges St-Pierre (GSP) T-ShirtMMA T-Shirts

Perhaps best-selling MMA T-Shirt of all time, the Silver Star Georges St-Pierre T-Shirt is finally getting its review justice on — Created by Silver Star Casting Company this MMA T-Shirtis probably probably has the most recognizable designs out there. This 100% cotton shirt features 2 Griffins (the animals, not Forrest Griffin) on each side of the GSP logo, a huge Fleur De Lis on the back, and has silver foil accents throughout the shirt. These also come in slim fits and are true to size to show off your bulging biceps; this thing feels really comfortable.

And don’t fret girls, these come in women’s sizes too!

This is probably my personal favourite MMA-related shirt and I get compliments from it all the time, regardless if the person is knowledgable of mixed-martial arts or not. This is no-doubt, the best MMA T-shirt out there.

Purchase Silver Star Georges St-Pierre (GSP) T-Shirt (Black, White or Grey)

Alternatively, if you’re a girl or a guy who’s into girls sizes for some reason, click here.

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