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SPRAWL Fight Short Company is so confident with their 6th generation pair of shorts that they claim that “We believe┬áthis is the last fight short you will ever need to buy.
Big words for a big company but marketing aside, let’s get to the review.

I was a bit disappointed that it did not come in more than basic colours; heck there’s not even a patch of yellow anywhere! Maybe it’s just because whenever I think of SPRAWL, I think black and yellow. Maybe they thought it was time for a change and as I explored the short further, this was exactly what they were thinking.

First of all, they are a bit shorter than the V-flex series making them have a less baggy feel. (You have to take into account that when buying SPRAWL shorts, the company itself advices you to order a size lower than your normal waistline as they are cut keeping space for a groin guard in mind.) With that said, once you get your sizing down, this pair is true to size and they fall just right above your kneecap. Much like the other shorts from the company, it features a drawstring and an elastic waistband as a part of their “Channel Lock” technology so if you’ve got the old “What if I cut weight and my shorts fall down?”-problem, you’ve got nothing to worry about. As mentioned earlier, the quality of the fabric is superb in terms of durability, wicks moisture and sweat away and now features a 4-way stretch panel which only makes it more comfortable. (97% polyester, 3% spandex) These shorts don’t tend to ride up whenever you’re on the ground and the split seams on both sides make them a bit easier when you want to throw some high kicks.

I can’t really say anything bad about these shorts except for their white fabric may be a bit transparent and the lack of color choices but that’s down to my personal taste. That said, you can’t go wrong with these. After all, they’re SPRAWL and these are the best fight shorts they’ve ever made.

Cliffs Notes

+Less baggy then the V-Flex series.

+True to size.

+Wicks away sweat and moisture.

+4-way stretch panels

+Comes with their new “channel lock” waistband — which composes of both an elastic waistband and cord.

-Limited color choices.

SPRAWL Fusion Stretch Series Fight Shorts – Black w/Urban Camo – $ 56.50

From: MMAWarehouse.com

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