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Hemp for victory! Check out the Submission Hemp Sensation Gi.

There’s a new wave in the BJJ Gi industry, with companies rediscovering the industrial material that is hemp. Hemp is proven to be numerously stronger than cotton or any other fabric on this planet, with natural antimicrobial properties, and being magical to the point that it keeps you warm during the winter and cooler during the winter — like bamboo, but better.

The Submission Hemp Sensation Gi is Submission Fight Co’s contribution to the hemp BJJ community. Featuring a 70/30 hemp/cotton blend, this white gi features a green contrast stitching which is reinforced in places that are vulnerable for added durability. It also features a preshrunk jacket so it is true to size, so order accordingly.

The pants of the Submission Hemp Sensation Gi is also made with a blend of 10z hemp and cotton, with a green drawstring and 5 string loops so they stay on.

And oh, please don’t smoke your Submission Hemp Sensation Gi.

The Submission Hemp Sensation Gi is available at MMA Warehouse.

PURCHASE: Submission Hemp Sensation Gi

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