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If you’re a Manny Pacquiao fan or just plainly have a particular disdain for Floyd Mayweather then the Team Pacquiao “RUN FLOYD” T-Shirt is right for you!

I’m not going to try to sugarcoat it, the team is filled with die-hard Manny Pacquiao fans and will be availing of these shirts as soon as possible. We’ve all seen the spectacle that Mayweather has pulled off during and after his Ortiz fight and we’re all very sick of Mayweather ducking Pacquiao. This shirt speaks for itself.

The public wants to see this fight happen, tell your friends and family to tell their friends and family to get one of these Team Pacquiao “RUN FLOYD” T-Shirts.

Rocking the classic “RUN DMC” theme, this “RUN FLOYD” is just so fitting. Side effects may include upset some butthurt Floyd Mayweather fans.

The Team Pacquiao “RUN FLOYD” T-Shirt is available at MMA Overload. Click here to get one now!


PURCHASE: Team Pacquiao “RUN FLOYD” T-Shirt


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