TITLE Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts‏Mitts and Pads

Awesome all-leather construction with contoured pre-curved design for the ultimate in training experience. More than 1.75″ of multi-layered impact resistant foam lining for every level of offensive arsenal. Advanced sweat repellent max lining extends trainer to round after round of comfort and no sweat use. Half ball palm grip inside of mitts affords anatomically correct comfort, shock resistance and wear. You won’t believe the feel and comfort of these beasts. Complete with leather back finger cover and leather wrist security strap.

First Impressions: I bought these the same day I bought my gloves, from my trainer around 6 months ago, and have used them on a regular basis. Anyways, they looked nice, real nice. No physical flaws to be found and not only do they they look sturdy they feel sturdy.

Fit: Let me just say, they fit great! They are designed to work with either hand, but designate a hand to a mitt, as the “ball” inside forms to the shape of your hand.

Training: I have had these mitts about 6 months, and there is absolutely nothing is wrong with them. There is plenty of padding, about 1.5″. Your partner can hit these as hard as they want, and you will not feel a bit of discomfort. They are only a bit bigger than most micro mitts, but they are extremely light so you do not need to worry about wearing out your shoulders or gassing for whatever reason. There are slits on top of each finger compartment so your hands do not get sweaty, and they seem to work. There is even a little bit of padding on the back of the hand for whatever reason. The stitching and overall quality of the mitts is exceptional, there are no flaws or loose threads whatsoever! You can adjust the fit by tightening the Velcro strap which is very nice, but it can be annoying at times when the strap slips off the top of the mitt and onto your hand, loosening the mitt mid session. That is the only flaw with these mitts, and it is really nothing to worry about.

Looks great
Feels great
Great construction
Good padding
Good adjustability

Annoying strap (but this issue may have been resolved with the buckle strap.)

Overall: I would give these mitts a 4.5/5. They are exceptional mitts for the money. I would definitely get them if you are on a budget, or even if your not. The only reason they did not get a 5 is because I have not tried many others.

-CodyD, MMAGearguide.

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