Tri Coasta Korean Zombie 2.0 ShirtMMA T-Shirts

Calling out the Korean Zombie Nation! The Tri Coasta Korean Zombie 2.0 Shirt.. on it’s way! :D

I’m not really one to predict but I would bet that this is the WEC 51 Korean Zombie Walkout T-Shirt. But who knows? If you guys don’t know, The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, is fighting George Roop at WEC 51. Make sure you guys keep it posted right here at for more Korean Zombie Shirt updates!

For now, you should check out the other Korean Zombie Shirt designs at MMAWarehouse.

UPDATE!!!Korean Zombie 2.0 Shirt by Tri-Coasta! Click on that link to find the updated post!

PURCHASE: Tri Coasta Korean Zombie Shirt

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