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Throw away that $2 Walmart Mouthguard and get a Under Armour Mouthguard!

In MMA, protecting your teeth is serious business. That’s why we at MMAGearGuide.net recommend investing in a custom mouthguard. But if your pockets aren’t too deep, the Under Armour Mouthguard will do you just fine.

The Under Armour Mouthguard is built to do exactly what mouthguards are meant to do: shield your teeth and cushion your jaw from shattering g-force impact. It goes even further to deliver the performance you demand with anti-microbulent germ prevention, easily moldable EVA construction and stylish looks.

  • Built for full to moderate contact sports
  • BiteFlex™ absorbs energy to reduce jaw impact
  • Cushions and protects teeth
  • Interchangeable ArmourPlate™ insert delivers enhanced protection
  • Contoured EVA construction ensures optimal fit and comfort
  • Patented retention polymer shrinks for a secure, locked-in fit
  • Patented anti-microbulent infusion secretes to help prevent the growth of germs
  • $13,500 dental warranty
  • Includes fitting tool and Under Armour mouthguard strap
  • Comes in medium (youth) and large (adult)
  • The Under Armour Mouthguard is available at MMAWarehouse.

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