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From the company that brought you the famous Amazonia shorts, Venum presents their first batch of MMA gear and equipment. On the grill today is the Venum 14oz Gloves.

We were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of these gloves before they are released for public sale.

First Impressions: I received the Venum 14 oz gloves and shin/instep guards about a month ago. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the items. The gloves smelled like leather, which is obviously a good sign. The other thing I noticed was how nice they actually looked in person. In the initial preview pictures, they did not look too thrilling, but in person it’s a different story. I did not notice any loose threads whatsoever. Definitely a solid product at first glance.

Fit: They are very tight fitting gloves and have padding where the bar usually is, and there is even some padding in the palm, as you can see in the photos. The gloves are multi-purpose gloves, and the padding is there to protect from high kicks. I actually enjoy this feature quite a bit. Although the thumb may look awkward, it is actually comfortable. It does not bother me, just like any other glove.

Construction: Like I was saying, the construction is great. They do not have any loose threads to note. The gloves are hand made in Thailand, if anyone wanted to know. The stitching seem durable from what I’ve seen. The “screen printing” on the gloves has not been a problem yet, nor do I think it will be. They seems to be more like a part of the glove then anything.

Training: When using these gloves during training, I noticed that the wrist support is excellent. I can use them without wraps if I want to, and when I’m in a hurry, or don’t feel like wrapping, I do. The padding is pretty good as well, when going without wraps you can just barely feel the impact. The padding on the back of the hand is excellent, but then again, I have not found a glove with poor padding on the back of the hand. The closure system uses an “elastic” band, which makes the cuff very tight. It’s a thicker elastic material, so I do not see it stretching out any time soon. I have noticed that I have pretty sweaty hands and these gloves don’t breathe all too well. They only have a few holes in the palm area and in the thumb, which in my opinion, is insufficient. Don’t get me wrong though, most gloves are lacking due to my overly sweaty hands, these just have minimal ventilation. Another thing I wanted to point out was the “slit” in the wrist area. You can see in the picture with the un strapped gloves that the flaps overlap themselves. The first time I tried on these gloves they were a little uncomfortable due to that problem, but with a little adjusting it feels just fine. Then again, I have little girl wrists, so this will not be an issue for those of you with larger wrists.

Looks good
Nice tight fit
Great Wrist Support
Good Padding
Quite small
Good Screen Printing


Overall: I am stuck between a 4 an a 4.5.These gloves are definitely nice, a lot more than I expected to be honest. One thing to look out for, if you have smaller wrists than mine, which would be like baby wrists, these may pose somewhat of a problem. Like I said though, with a little adjusting they feel just fine.

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