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Check out the Warrior International Annihilation Shorts review, as worn by Shane Carwin, Mark Munoz and other notable figures in the game.

Annihilation Shorts have the following – Custom closure with drawstring, Appliques on each side, 5″ slit for great range of motion, stretch panel on inseam, Shorts have been treated with A Teflon Fabric protector that will repel BLOOD, SWEAT, SNOT, WATER, AND OIL BASED SPILLS.

Ordering: Once again, got these from MMAFactory.co.uk. Got these in the colour grey, which are not listed on the website though you can surely order it from them. Shipped in record time and for free, and they used Interlink Express. Props to Marc and the lads over at Fitness Factory!

First Impressions: These shorts are very, very well-regarded for with the stuff that I’ve been reading all over the internet and by word of mouth. I haven’t exactly seen them in person before ordering them though when I finally got them, there was no disappointment at all. Aesthetically, they’re very clean and sleek looking shorts. To add, these also come with a small pocket on the inside of the waistband/closure system to ideally stow your mouthguard, keys or even an iPod.

Construction: Upon initial inspections, there were no loose threads at all, even with the embroidered logos. These shorts are made out of 100% polyester and Made in Taiwan. These came in with a tag on the inside with accurate washing instructions, which is always a plus considering you wouldn’t want to ruin your gear whilst they’re in the wash. One of the best things that I like about these shorts is the fact that they have a tiny bit of a stretch to them. These also come with a standard stretch panel along the crotch and inner thigh area. The logos on these are embroidered, except for the Warrior International rubber patch on the exterior of the back of the waistband. There are also mini-Warrior International prints on the bottom seam of the shorts which just adds a little more detail and flavour to the Warrior International Annihilation Shorts.

With regards to material comparison, these shorts are a bit thinner than the Hayabusas and thicker than the Mantos, and slightly thinner than the Jaco Resurgence shorts.

You’ll also see in the photos the high-quality drawstring and a bit of stitching details which do make the Warrior Annihilation Shorts pretty damn well constructed.

Fit: I ordered a size 30 and these shorts are true to size. I would advice one to order a size smaller if you’re in-between as there is no elastic part on the waistband. These shorts have a little bit of bag to them and my thighs have a fair amount of size to them. This may be the reason why these are the shorts of choice for the bigger boys such has Shane Carwin and Mark Munoz.

The Annihilation Shorts come with a standard drawstring closure system and could get a bit tricky to tighten the first few times though you do get used to it. These shorts do feel comfortable once you have them on and even though they do tighten, you don’t actually feel them uncomfortably tighten unlike your conventional board shorts.

One downside to these shorts is the fact that they don’t come with an inner waistband lock system much like the newer shorts in the market. (Think Sprawl, Jaco and Hayabusa)

Stand-up: This is where I’ve found the Annihilation Shorts to shine the most due to the lightweight polyester material and the 5-inch split seams. They felt really natural whilst doing mitts, sparring and even doing drills from the clinch. As mentioned, they do have a bit of baggage to them and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it doesn’t limit your ability to throw kicks at all.

Ground: These shorts are comfortable on the ground especially if you’re wearing compression shorts underneath and do not restrict any movement from any position on the ground. One thing I have noticed was a bit of bunching on the legs but really, apart from Vale Tudos, which shorts don’t really bunch? Though, it’s a really minor thing along with the slight shifting from side to side though there was no riding up on the waist at all.

Overall: The Warrior Annihilation Shorts are a great pair and I would recommend them to anyone, especially the ones who want the high-quality polyester feel. They’re a 4 or 4.5 out of 5 in my books, and would get higher if they had an inner channel lock system.

PURCHASE: Warrior International Annihilation Shorts

If you’re from the UK/EU, it’s best to purchase from MMA Factory. FREE shipping within the UK, £5.99 ($9) shipping in Europe and £7.99 ($12) to the rest of the world.

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