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The Warrior Pro Thai Pads are multi-layered kick, punch and striking pads provide the most shock absorbing properties and superb protection for trainer. Professional adjustable all leather wrist and forearm straps with hook-and-loop closures. Super tough all leather construction with triple stitched seams for the best in the business. Complete with secure riveted grip handle for intense, secure training sessions.

First Impressions: I bought these about 3 months ago for personal use at my house and have used them several times since I purchased them. The reason I chose the Pro over the Pro Elite was because of the extra 1.5″ padding the pads had, the color combo and they were the same price. When they arrived, I saw the box and thought damn this is a big box. I didn’t realize how big the pads were actually going to be until I opened up the box and took them out. THESE THINGS ARE HUGE! Maybe I’m exaggerate but they are pretty bulky.

Construction: As soon as I removed them out of the box, I immediately examined them to check out the quality. There were a few loose threads here and there, but no biggie. Although there were a few loose threads, the pads are so well made they do not look like, or feel like for that matter, they will be falling apart any time soon.

Fit: I have not tried on a un-comfy pair of Thai pads before, though these ones do seem a bit comfier. The straps are bit longer than most Thai pads which is nice, especially if you have thicker arms. One thing that I have noticed with some other Thai pads is that the grip can be awkward to hold, and even be uncomfortable to hold, not with these though. The grip is stiff, but not to hard to the point you have to let go and shake your hands out after a while.

Training: I have had these pads for 3 months, and they still look the same as when I first took them out of the box. There is plenty of padding, maybe even to much. About 4″ worth. The only way I can really describe the feel when striking these pads is that they feel bouncy. They don’t necessarily cushion the blow, they disperse the force and remind me of the saying “for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction“. When you kick the pads, your leg almost bounces back. I really enjoy striking the pads, they are not hard whatsoever unlike many other Thai pads I have tried. Kicking them is the best part, it doesn’t even hurt when you accidentally kick with your foot or toes. These pads are just as great when you’re on the receiving end. Your arms receive nearly zero force, due to the 4″ of padding. If you have held pads before then you will not have a problem with these, on the other hand if you are new then your arms might get a little bruised, like any other Thai pads. This is not a problem for me, and I doubt it will be for any one else. Like I said, they are pretty bulky. They seem to have almost double the padding of most Thai pads I have seen and used. Not that this is a bad thing, they do tend to tire your shoulders out just a bit more than some lighter Thai pads though. The price was good as they’re not as expensive as some other brands, but not the cheapest either.

Look great
Feel great(when holding and striking)
Great construction
Great padding


Overall: I would give these pads a 4.5/5. They are definitely nice, just bulky. If you are planning on picking up a pair of these, I would recommend you check out the Pro Elite Thai Pads by Warrior. Either way, great pads!

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