Zebra Home Mats – 5′ x 10′ Buy 1 Get 1 FREEMats and Gym Equipment

For a limited time, Zebra Mats is having a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on their 5′x10′x1.38″ home mats. A 10′x10′ mat set up usually goes for $478, but now you can have the same mats, for half the price.

Lightweight and portable, the Zebra Home Mat conveniently rolls out every time for training and quickly rolls up for easy storage. Features the same great tatami-textured surface as the Zebra Grappling Mat providing you with sure footing and fast movement. The same open cell technology featured in the normal grappling mats prevents the break down of the foam over time, which would normally decrease the protection of the mats. Great for combative training, grappling, throws, and take downs.

Purchase: Zebra Home Mats

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