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It’s classic, it’s Bad Boy and it’s a shirt! The Bad Boy Classic Eyes Shirt!

Bad Boy has produced a ton of Vale Tudo gear and walkout shirts for MMA fighters such as Mauricio Shogun Rua, and have innovated a lot of MMA training gear over the years.

Show your support for the classic brand with the Bad Boy Classic Eyes Shirt, which is pretty damn low-key and doesn’t even have the Bad Boy logo in text, just the classic “eyes” logo that has been a worldwide icon.

So if you’ve ever wanted to sport a Bad Boy shirt without the actual words on it then here’s your chance.

The Bad Boy Classic Eyes Shirt is available in 4 colorways: green, blue, red and black.

The Bad Boy Classic Eyes Shirt is exclusively available at MMA Warehouse.

PURCHASE: Bad Boy Classic Eyes Shirt

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