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I was wondering when these Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts would come out but they’re here now!

Hayabusa Fightwear is always on top of their research and development when it comes to MMA gear and the latest on their arsenal is the Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts, also known as the Hayabusa Haburi Compression Shorts.

The Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts made its first appearance via Jason “Mayhem” Miller on the TUF 14 Finale.

The Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts features the same Guardlock waistband system on other Hayabusa Shorts to make sure that they don’t slip or move around on you during training. The graphics which include Hayabusa logos and the kanji for the Peregrine Falcon are also sublimated so they will never fade, no screen printing on these bad boys. The Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts also treated with the High-IQ anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties, and have an integrated cup pocket so you can wear it on it’s own or under your favorite pair of MMA shorts.

Not to mention, the Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts’ nature also makes it impossible to grab so you would be at more of an advantage since your opponent wouldn’t even have the option of grabbing your shorts. Ever wonder why GSP wears tights to almost every single one of his fights? Well, that time when he did wear normal shorts, he didn’t like his shorts getting grabbed. If it’s good enough for GSP, it’s good enough for me.

The Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts are available at MMA Warehouse.

Hayabusa Vale Tudo Shorts – CLICK TO BUY

Photo by Esther Lin, MMAFighting.com

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    • byericc2
    • onApril 6, 2012

    I’d bought it yesterday, and it is perfect. I always love hayabusa, mizhuchi, haburi, belt, and even gi!