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Check out the Official Wand Fight Team T-Shirt made by Jaco Clothing!

So Jaco Clothing does it again, this time scoring a deal with Wanderlei Silva’s Fight Team, ironically called Wand Fight Team creating the Official Jaco Wand Fight Team T-Shirt!

This athletic fit shirt is a must have for any Wanderlei Silva fan, trainee, or pretend-trainee!

And guess what? It’s made from friggin’ bamboo which makes it twice as awesome because it’s soft as hell, and is good for the environment! Oh, and did I mention that it keeps you 3 degrees warmer in the winter and 3 degrees cooler in the summer? How cool is that?

It’s a bargain for $39.99 at MMAWarehouse.

PURCHASE: Jaco Wand Fight Team T-Shirt

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