Reevo R9 Sparring GlovesGloves

The Reevo R9 Sparring Gloves, available in both 16oz and 10z sizes.

The R9 War Hammer Sparring Glove offers premium construction and comfortable fit with sleek 3-density padding and ergonomic fit. Accelerate your training with these performance gloves.

  • Highest quality beautifully grained premium leather
  • Pliable padding gives great flex and support
  • 3 layers of foam padding offer multiple types of energy dissipation to keep your hands safe and secure
  • Venting cools your hands
  • Smooth polyester lining allows your wrapped hands to easily get in and out of hand cavity
  • Attached thumb
  • Available in 10oz or 16oz

The Reevo R9 Sparring Gloves are available at MMAWarehouse.


PURCHASE: Reevo R9 Sparring Gloves


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