ShockDoctor Carbon Flex Cup and Compression ShortsGroin Guards

Most of the time, I like the idea of protecting my future possible kin. Thankfully, the guys over at ShockDoctor are experts at doing this.

First up, the compression shorts — they’re true to size. They fit really well and are so comfortable that I even forget that I’ve got it on. It’s made out of 88% polyester, 12% spandex and it keeps everything where it should be. Aesthetic-wise, I think the design is pretty sick to the point that they’re kind of like Vale Tudo shorts. (Oh no he didn’t!) Yes, I did. If I had the choice, I’d roll just with these on but unfortunately there are numerous females in my gym and that would be kind of awkward.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the cup. The part that makes the most contact with your skin is made out of pretty flexible rubber, the body of it is made out of plastic and the black shiny bit is made out of carbon. It’s shaped in a way that even you’ve got a 200lb guy in your guard and there’s a knee down there, the top of the inner part of the cup basically never touches you and all the force and pressure is absorbed on the sides. (Writing about groin guards without being “vulgar” is pretty hard, mind you)

Still with me? Okay! Regarding the cup as a whole, I hear some people complain because it goes too far down. Well, it’s like that for a reason. Kicks and knees come from where? That’s right, from below, upwards and this thing protects you from those accidental inside-leg kicks that do more than just graze — with this cup, your family jewels are protected.

The compression shorts have a pocket where you place the cup into and with the X-Fit design, it stays where it should be. Of course, I’d be lying if I said that it NEVER moves; but when it does it’s never uncomfortable and you know that you may just have saved yourself from wiping your genes off the face of this planet. To be honest, whenever I’m on the mat, I actually forget that I’ve got this thing on.

It’s a bit pricey in comparison to your traditional groin guard but it gives you the mobility you need especially in this sport.

To sum it all up in Cliffs:

+Pretty sturdy material, I’ve had it for a while


+Looks nice for a manhood protector

+Doesn’t move as much as traditional groin guards so you never have to re-adjust every 5 minutes

+Did I mention comfortable?

-A bit hard on the wallet but a good investment in my opinion

Shock Doctor Ultra MMA Compression Short with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup

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