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We all know that ShockDoctor is known for their superior boil and bite mouthguards, so we could only imagine the quality of a ShockDoctor custom mouthguard.

Originally announced to be released June 1st, the all new… ShockDoctor Custom Mouthguard. Retailing at $149.99, this may be the next best mouthguard to hit the market. Constructed with Three-layers to absorb most of the shock to help protect the brain against concussion as a result of lower jaw impacts, including a CoreShock custom fit composite which forms precisely to your bite for unprecedented comfort and increased shock absorption. Features 3D anti-shock Kraton framework which utilizes shock absorbing jaw pads linked to a front teeth impact shield to protect exposed lip and teeth,  and a low-profile, tapered, unobtrusive and protective Pro-Fit inner wall improving the ability an athlete to breathe, speak, and focus on the game. The mouthguard creates optimal muscular function of the head and neck muscles which can translate into an increase in overall muscle strength. There are 3 different molding options, Upper Jaw Fight (MMA), Upper Jaw, and Lower Jaw. The kit includes Easy 4 Step Instructions, an Adjustable Fitting Tray, Two part EasySet Dental Impression Gel, a Pre-Paid shipping box for free and fast delivery to Shock Doctor Dental Lab and a FREE Ultra STC mouthguard to use while waiting to receive the custom mouthguard. The impressions cannot be used with braces or orthodontic devices in place. Return postage mailer included for United States customers. Estimated turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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