SPRAWL Gi-Flex Gi PantsJiu-jitsu Gis

SPRAWL, MMA’s pioneer brand has yet again revolutionized another quality product with the new SPRAWL Gi-Flex Gi Pants.

We might be looking at the future here, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve all experienced gi pants loosening up during rolling and with it shifting from side-to-side but SPRAWL has introduced the same technologies that they have been using on their awesome shorts now onto the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

These gi pants feature the same Channel Lock inner waistband that keeps the garment from shifting, along with an actual closure system with a drawstring and velcro and a 4-way stretch panel along the crotch area for maximum mobility. It also features a mesh inner lining.

It would be really interesting to see this technology applied to future gis as it has tackled issues that are present with current gis and I really do believe that the SPRAWL Gi-Flex Gi Pants are the way forward. Big up to the guys at SPRAWL for once again setting the standard for gear and equipment of our beloved sport of MMA.


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