UFC Pro MMA HeadgearHeadgear

If you’re looking for headgear with a sleek design, check out the UFC Pro MMA Headgear.

As seen on The Ultimate Fighter, and offering a different colorway and a slightly different design from the UFC MMA Headgear, the UFC Pro MMA Headgear is perfect for your everyday sparring use. Featuring a high-quality synthetic leather exterior and fabric inner lining, it’s easy to wipe down and is very comfortable to use.

The reason why synthetic leather is a superior to genuine leather when it comes to headgear is due to the weight, that is why even the world’s leading headgear maker Winning Boxing based in Japan (which retails for $200 USD++) uses synthetic leather as well. The UFC Pro MMA Headgear comes at the fraction of the price, while still offering optimal protection.

The UFC Pro MMA Headgear is available at MMA Warehouse.


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