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From the same great company that brought you the Burn Machine Speed Bag, featured by Anderson Silva on the countdown to UFC 112, the Ultimate Burn Machine.

First Impressions: I have had the Burn Machine for a little over a month now. The day that the Burn Machine was supposed to come, I was ecstatic. I was on the computer, waiting for the package to come. I noticed I heard music outside, and noticed that it had been playing for some time now. I got up to check what it was and realized that it was the FedEx Home Delivery truck. I imagine the reason that the truck was parked for so long was because the delivery man was having trouble lugging this thing to my door step. I felt bad. Anyways, I went outside to pick it up, and it was a lot heavier than I expected.

I received the Ultimate package, which included the Universal Burn Machine which was packed in a box, that for some reason reminded me of an airsoft gun box. It also came with the crescent weights, a carrying bag, a display stand, and 2 instructional DVD’s. I was actually quite surprised the DVD’s had not snapped in half during the transport. The Burn Machine itself was… gorgeous. The entire thing is chrome & black, very sleek. No wonder it came with a stand. When picking the actual device up, it seemed to be substantially lighter, probably because I had a firm grip.

Construction: The entire machine is made out of steel, with half of it being chrome plated and the other half being what I believe is powder coated black. All of the welds are very clean and there are 8 screws which hold each 360 rotational plate in place. There appears to be a Delrin like material between the counterweight and the bar allowing the weight to slide smoothly. This thing will more than likely last a long, long time.


Weight: Burn Machine – 9.98kg(22lbs) / Each Crescent Weight – 1.96kg(4.33lbs) With Crescent Weights – 21.77kg(48lbs) / Max with your own weights – 99.79kg(220lbs)
Length: Total - 91.44 cm / Plate Space - 30.48 cm
Width: Grips – 17.78 cm / Bar – 2.54 cm

Grips: Length – 12.7 cm / Width – 2.54 cm / Circumference – 39.88 cm

Workout: The first day I used the Burn Machine was the same day I received it. There were 2 instructional DVD’s in the box, one being a video Boot Camp, and the other a video Reference Guide. I figured the Reference Guide was simply that, a reference of the different workouts you are able to do, but you are not limited to just these, there are many more you can do.

So I popped the Boot Camp DVD in and started it up. You can choose to do arms/shoulders or legs/abs, or you could simply play them all. The Boot Camp starts out with a little Warm-up which consists of jogging in place, jumping jacks, throwing some jabs and crosses, etc. To be completely honest, I was beginning to think this was a joke, but as soon as the actual workout began, I was immediately proved wrong.

I have been working out on and off for some time now. From free weights, kettle bells, and cable machines, to my MMA training, this Burn Machine is a thing of it’s own. You can get a complete workout, using this single apparatus. You are not limited to just the exercises on the DVD either, there are many other lifts you can complete, although the DVD has most of workouts necessary to complete a full body workout, you even get a nice little cardio workout if you keep up the pace. However, if you do not have experience with basic lifts, I do recommend learning the basics with a normal barbell before using the Burn Machine.

The Boot Camp has 3 sections which last ~36 minutes, but it may take you much longer. They move along at a quick rate, and if you have added weights on the Burn Machine, I doubt you will be able to keep up. In this case I just pause the video until I catch my breath. The first section is a lighter workout, but may still be tough for beginners. It consists of lifts like the Good Morning, Squats, Curls, Rows and the Overhead Press. The second part is for more advanced users, this section mainly just combines the workouts into 5 and 6 count body builders, but you complete the circuit with the counter weight on the right side, then repeat the circuit on the left side. The third part is a nice cool down, where you complete the rest of the lifts laying down on your back and do workouts such as a modified bench press, and skull crushers. In the end, after the last section it takes you through a few stretches, but you should not stop there, because the first time I used the Burn Machine, the next day both of my bicep tendon’s were extremely tense.

The 360-degree rotating grips and counter weight are what make this product unique. The rotating grips allow you to isolate muscle groups, and you can definitely tell the impact they make when performing curls for example. The counter weight engages core muscles, and allows you to strengthen each side of your body independently from the other, although sometimes the weight can be annoying when it slides over to the opposite side of the bar. Most lifts we do in every day life, and lifts especially in MMA, are asymmetrical, but standard barbells are not. The Burn Machine, being asymmetrical, will create the muscle memory needed in MMA, as you perform each asymmetrical lift.

One thing I feel that I need to add, is how little space this takes up. I know a lot of people do not have the space in their home to add a bench or a cage, but you can store this thing almost anywhere. On top of that, it is pretty versatile. Since it comes with a nice carrying bag, it is easy to tote around if need be.


Ability to add more weight

360 Rotating Grips


Great Construction



Overall: If I had to rate this fine piece of equipment, I would give it a 4.5/5. Although it may be quite costly to some, it is sure worth it, especially if you have extra weights laying around to add on. With the Universal Burn Machine on sale for $149.99 it is a fantastic deal.

NOTE: I received the Ultimate Burn Machine Package, which includes the Universal Burn Machine, crescent weights, stand, carrying bag and 2 DVD’s. The Universal Burn Machine does NOT include the crescent weights, stand or carrying bag, and comes with the Exercise Reference Guide instead of both DVD’s.

PURCHASE: Burn Machine Speed Bag

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